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There are two parts to a Respiratory Mask Fit test:

Part 1 : The Medical Evaluation:

A medical evaluation is required before a respiratory fit test to ensure that the individual is healthy enough to wear a respirator. The evaluation is typically conducted by a licensed healthcare professional.

During the evaluation, the healthcare professional will ask about the individual’s medical history, including any allergies, respiratory conditions, or heart problems. They will also ask about any medications the individual is taking and any recent illnesses or injuries.

The healthcare professional may also perform a physical examination, including checking the individual’s heart rate, blood pressure, and lungs. They may also test the individual’s ability to breathe by asking them to blow into a spirometer.

If the healthcare professional determines that the individual is healthy enough to wear a respirator, they will provide a written medical clearance. The individual will then be able to proceed with the respiratory fit test.

Please download the OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire form and fill it out before arriving at our office.

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Part 2: Respiratory Fit Test:

Respiratory fit test is a procedure used to verify that a respirator properly fits the face of the wearer. This is important because a respirator can only provide adequate protection if it fits snugly and does not leak. Please check that you have a clean shaven face or a proper facial hair style. Please look at the facial hair document.  There are two main types of respiratory fit tests: qualitative and quantitative.

Qualitative fit tests use the wearer’s senses to detect leaks. The most common type of qualitative fit test uses a sweet or bitter tasting solution that is sprayed around the face seal of the respirator. If the wearer can taste or smell the solution, then the respirator is not fitting properly and must be adjusted or replaced.

Quantitative fit tests use instruments to measure leakage around the face seal of the respirator. Quantitative fit tests are more accurate than qualitative fit tests, but they are also more expensive and time-consuming.

Currently our office only performs qualitative testing, but soon will have the quantitative equipment.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that employers provide respiratory fit testing for all employees who are required to wear tight-fitting respirators. Respiratory fit testing should be conducted annually, or more often if the wearer’s facial features change significantly.

Please call our office if you need testing. Our office can perform both the medical evaluation as well as the respiratory mask fit testing.


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