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There are very few cities and towns out there that can claim to have excellent schools and education programs. Gilbert, Arizona is one of the lucky few to possess this privilege, boasting a huge school district with 40 different schools. It is amazing to think that before the huge boom in Gilbert’s population, the idea of having enough children to fill so many different schools was just a distant dream. In the recent years, that dream has become a reality, with some Gilbert schools holding over 3000 students and still growing rapidly as time wears on. As the town continues to grow and families decide to move into the Gilbert Public School District, the schools will only grow larger and larger, furthering the hopes of educators of years past and instructing new generations on how to prepare for the real world with Gilbert’s excellent teaching program. 

While the towering high schools and sprawling elementary schools may seem like they have been in Gilbert since the town was founded, that isn’t the case. The first school to establish the Gilbert Public School District was built in 1913, seven years before the town was founded. The school was miniscule compared to the massive buildings spread out across the town now, only containing four classrooms, two offices, an auditorium, and a basement located below the auditorium. This school was named Highland, after locals discovered it was built on the highest land south of the Salt River. Students today will recognize the name as one of the most populated high schools in the District, Highland High School. Before the elementary school was closed in 1977 to later be turned into the Gilbert Historical Museum that can still be found in the same location today, students would ride to school on a farm wagon that was heading to one of the local town creamery’s! Many students could argue that this mode of transportation would beat a big yellow school bus any day. 

Ever since the first Highland School opened, the academic world of Gilbert has taken off. An abundance of schools have opened in the recent years, specifically from the 1980’s to present day. While many towns or suburbs may have trouble keeping their schools full, Gilbert Public Schools never has any sort of problem with that. In fact in the past, there has been an issue with overcrowding, which may come as a shock to visitors to the town. While many students may complain that going to school is a burden on their freedom and social life, the students that attend any school within Gilbert don’t let their spirits fall. Most schools within the District hold A or B+ grade averages, attracting more students every year to help improve grades and raise the number of the already astronomical student body. Not only does Gilbert Public Schools advertise great grades, they also promote a fun, safe environment for each child to walk through their doors. Whether a student is looking for an amazing sports program, or a stellar fine arts department, each school in school in Gilbert has something to offer, and promises a great place for each child to learn and grow.


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