Dr. Howard Fern, DC, FIAMA, CME

Dr. Howard D. Fern is a chiropractor in Gilbert, Arizona, with over 30 years of experience. He graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences (formerly Los Angeles College of Chiropractic) in 1993. Prior to that, he earned a BS in biology from the University of Hartford, where he also worked and received hands on experience as an athletic student trainer.

Dr. Fern is devoted to his patients and gives each patient individualized attention. His approach to treating patients is simple yet can be multi-faceted. His motto is “Hands on, high tech, modern treatment with personalized, old-fashioned caring”.

Dr. Fern is certified in Medical Acupuncture (FIAMA), Manipulation Under Anesthesia (CMUA), and is a Certified Medical Examiner (CME) from FMCSA to perform DOT/CDL physicals. He is also a certified Health Coach with Take Shape for Life, a Certified Injury Prevention Consultant
with Future Industrial Technologies performing safety training and ergonomic evaluations, and a certified physician for WorkSteps, performing pre- and post-employment fitness examinations. In addition, Dr. Fern is certified to perform Drug Testing, Breath Alcohol Testing, Hair Follicle Testing and Respiratory Fit Testing.

Dr. Fern loves sports and has played basketball and tennis at a high level. He has participated as Team Chiropractor for ProSports Chiropractic, Arizona Cactus Football League, Wrangler Chiropractic and for 2 High School Men’s Lacrosse teams. He has also consulted with various youth football teams, gymnasts, golfers, triathletes, swimmers, runners, and many other amateur and professional athletes in various sports.


Our goal at DOT Physical Phoenix is to safely support you in protecting your livelihood as a commercial driver. With Dr. Fern’s extensive knowledge of the DOT physical exam medical guidelines, he will steer you through the CDL physical exam requirements so you can Keep On Truckin’.

We do our best to help you prepare for your DOT physical exam and make your CDL medical certification as hassle free as possible.

We are a TeamCME Clinic!
Nationally Recognized as a Provider of Fair, Ethical DOT Physical Exams!


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Dr. Howard Fern, DC, FIAMA, CME
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